Directionality Explained

I have read it argued against by those who think they know
Here is proof
Paul Speltz Founder of ANTICABLES shares his thoughts about wire directionality. Dear Fellow Audiophiles, As an electronic engineer, I struggled years ago with the idea of wire being directional because it did not fit into any of the electrical models I had learned. It simply did not make sense to me that an alternating music signal should favor a direction in a conductor. One of the great things about our audio hobby is that we are able to hear things well before we can explain them; and just because we can’t explain something, doesn't mean that it is not real.

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One of the great things about our audio hobby is that we are able to hear things well before we can explain them; and just because we can’t explain something, doesn't mean that it is not real


Still going strong...
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All AC currents flowing around you just looking @ this farce and
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The question was:

What is it about wires that makes them sound better in one direction compared to the other?

this is not a question....this is a sentence loaded with a preconceived biased 'Krugerandish' (I used a short cut, got that right ?) opinion...

Another observation....'as electronics engineer' (from OP quote)...yes, they will give a diploma upon graduation even if one achieves 60%, here you have it....and there WILL be a difference between those and other engineers who had gone through school with 80-90% averages...not even mentioning differences in schools, and those are substantial in NA... 
Well if nobody can answer the question I won’t worry much about it then. Probably not at all.

Unless there are arrows on the wires. Then I follow the directions provided.

I am disappointed though that @Geoffkait can’t answer the.....
last try...and lets call it a day and move help other audio perfectionists.. cable have the same directionality as water copper pipes...I know...I had a pin hole leak in a line feeding basement washroom...had to cut out a substantial length and replace it with the new one....guess what?...I installed this new piece in a WRONG, all bathrooms, kitchen, laundry etc etc upstairs, still have normal, wet water - and in my basement washroom I only get moist water :(

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Grades are based on how well the student memorizes whatever is in the book, right, or wrong

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I guess maybe only when you are studying some brain washing courses  filled with leftist dogmas and worn out slogans that you have to memorize in order to become some kind of commisar or a SJW blogger or some other non contributing to society moron...
Not in engineering...that is why you don't see many engineers in politics...they can think and solve problems...

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