Directionality Explained

I have read it argued against by those who think they know
Here is proof
Paul Speltz Founder of ANTICABLES shares his thoughts about wire directionality. Dear Fellow Audiophiles, As an electronic engineer, I struggled years ago with the idea of wire being directional because it did not fit into any of the electrical models I had learned. It simply did not make sense to me that an alternating music signal should favor a direction in a conductor. One of the great things about our audio hobby is that we are able to hear things well before we can explain them; and just because we can’t explain something, doesn't mean that it is not real.

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Oh dear, oh my... 
Talking about now finding a (my) new hang up. 
Directionalism. Hmph! 🤪

It was suggest somewhere here before, like keep turning them speaker cables' round (an' round it goes...) and THEN 'report' back here, forst any more is ventured, um. 

Dang, like are you now a true believer of the one or other here disputed persuation...? 

Guess what, I now clearly realised having this here psychological block in doing ANY of the sort. At ALL.
Period. Amen. Basta. Genug. 🤪

Lest I'd have reason to setup a post 📯 on #metoo! 🙈 

Where does that leave ME?
Quite mentally balanced and contented, despite not knowing squat about the effects of directionality. Why, cause I's not goin' against da flow. That's why! 🤞👋

Get some peace of mind I say, follow the writing, alternatively the chevrons on a sleeve (if you got any) and if all fails, the - > whats name dinges, if you the proud ower of an electron microscope 🔬 <- this ain't good enough, I dare say. 😅

Then if you so wish, come back and tell the tale, otherwise... just enjoy the result, AND of course your new found mucical experience, what ever the result. 🎶 🎵🎶 🎷🎻🎸🎹💃

Meanwhile I'm happy to nurse my ignorance on the sunject. 🤷‍♂️ 

Best Michélle 🇿🇦 
Maybe quarks and spectro-spin comes into it all as well - but WHY?!?... 🤔 
Ahhhh, wat was se kwestschen... witsch is se best derekschen to wat?
Was olreddy answad, no?
Eh, follo se Pfeil, mensch! 😉 

Just follow the ARROWS, puleeese sen ser will be all fine mit bjutiful sound set vil follow, ja. 
All se gefetsch vil do nosing! Also dann jetzt just follow se arrow on the verflixte Draht bitt schön. 
Danke und auf wiedersehen bis später, 
M. 🇿🇦 👋
Ah, - and then what about 'reverse-burnin' !?! 
And then revers burn-in yet AGAIN?!?... 🤔 

Them charges might get so highly confused, an' make that cable sound no good then either way, eh? 😢 What say y'all? 

Will this EVER come to any conclusion, (with or without a' Sachertort'n, ge hörst, jetz' sag a mal ?) 🤔 

🎂 now please...! 😉 
M. 🇿🇦 
Yes Sir!
Is why I kept saying follow them arrow(s), right?
An' if yer h'aint got those, follow the writing. Sharp! 
No Nobel Price needed, just follow simple instruction! Right there on that cable, I do... and what will follow?

Peace 🕊 of mind! OMMMM... OMMMM 🙏

T' works for me, yes, does.
Wanna come check it out? 🤔
💐 Welcome! 👍 
M. 🇿🇦