Directionality Explained

I have read it argued against by those who think they know
Here is proof
Paul Speltz Founder of ANTICABLES shares his thoughts about wire directionality. Dear Fellow Audiophiles, As an electronic engineer, I struggled years ago with the idea of wire being directional because it did not fit into any of the electrical models I had learned. It simply did not make sense to me that an alternating music signal should favor a direction in a conductor. One of the great things about our audio hobby is that we are able to hear things well before we can explain them; and just because we can’t explain something, doesn't mean that it is not real.

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"I have read it..."

Now I read it, too. I could not find the proof, but I read the advertisement.
"can't get there from here...wrong direction..."
You can. It may just be a longer walk.

Would a person trying to claim something about wires and starting it with "I am an electrical engineer" be considered as "appeal to authority"?

Or, is he just an authority?

Or, when he says he did not understand anything, is he a non-authority and is not worth listening to?

Please advise.

"...this thread was just the laugh I needed!"
Laugh? What laugh? This is a serious business.

Wishing you quick recovery.
Directionality Explained

> East
< West
^ North
v South
Partially correct. There is more to that.

"If someone believes cables are directional for audio, are they directionally challenged or challenged by direction?"
Assuming they are directional for audio, are they also directional in all other applications of being a wire?
If the teacher is bad, a student cannot learn. - Old education postulate
"No more pencils, no more books, no more teacher’s dirty looks. 🤨"
Finally. Thanks to pandemic. Children of the world rejoice!
I have been trying to learn from geoffkait and look what has become of me.
You are not that knowledgeable. I like teaching you. A lighter made in heaven.
"What do you think on the job training is all about?"
Applying fundamental knowledge one has learned at school to a particular situation at work. Any more sophisticated job would be hard to learn from scratch while working.
"Grades are based on how well the student memorizes whatever is in the book, right, or wrong"

We do need some education...

If you only paid attention, you could learn a lot. But, you are going in the wrong direction.

It is a pandemic mode so I am providing you with basic education on the Internet. You seem not to have grasped the idea of school yet. That is why I bring it down to your level.

"Son of Glup and Jeff-fly-Kite should start their own thread...
What do you think guys?"
What if we have a daughter?

"...if I rip the wire out of my wall and reverse it instead of reading 121 volts as it does now it's going to read what?"
That is easy. It will read exactly 121. 121 is 121 going backwards. So, you are safe.
Or it will read 120.99999999.....
No way. It would mess up Poynting vector and that is a big no-no.
"Cannot believe u guys are still discussing this."
Discussing what? There has been no discussion in a while.

We, however, have been blessed by reading geoffkait’s post that included "my...short...sorry...rod". Is there a report whiner button here?
"Your effect on me can be likened to a mosquito 🦟 drawing some blood from my arm."
Now, that may be time to consider quinines.
Is it true that if you pee in the swimming pool water around you turns blue? That is what they told me when I was little.
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Not around here. It is grey.

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The cake has not arrived yet.

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09-12-2018 10:13am

"Note to geoffkait: Check if the prep school you attended has money back guarantee."


05-24-2020 8:41pm

"If I were you I’d march right down to whatever podunk school you went to and ask for your money back which probably wasn’t much anyway."
I am beyond proud. Like every parent is when her/his little one finally shows she/he paid attention.

"glubson, what in tarnation are you mumbling about now? Are you off your meds or on your meds?"
I am happy that you are still using my "ask school to give you money back" invention from almost two years ago as your joking point. I guess it was a good one then, too.
"Again, this logic suggests that our audible ability is so poor we couldn’t tell the difference. But it’s been shown our hearing is highly acute."
I think there are machines that than sense sounds a human cannot. Of course, not every microphone, or whatever is used, will be that good but some are. Also, not every hearing is the same.

When it comes to cables, many tools can figure out, let' say, 1V going through it. I wonder how many humans can sense it when holding that cable. Humans are highly sophisticated in some areas, but machines are getting ahead in some of the other ones.
"Are there machines that sense bloviation?"
"Why don't you two just sue Best Buy for false advertising?"
Because it is the best buy.
To stay on the topic, what toothpaste do you guys prefer?
I will have to consult geoffkait on direction issues.
In-out (of the glass on his nightstand)
"You should always brush in a counter clockwise direction."
Looking from which side?

I thought correct way is up-down, not in circles. I learn here, I really do.
But if they are..."Just Marketing Schemes". .How is it they are still in business?
Check "socialization" and "experience"...'s-global-marketing-success/

Better question is what happened to you last night. Why are you so negatively-charged this morning and without any wit?

Speaking of directionality, I do believe in cable directionality. They always go from what is connected to what it is connected to. Or the other way around, depending on what side I decide to look at first.

Now, why not some fuse directionality enlightenment sprinkled with a little bit of analog vs. digital? Light one, just for sunday morning. Before your bike ride.
"I’m enjoying the heck out of watching an oriole eating grape jelly for breakfast."

"Do all ICs sound alike? Do all speaker cables sound alike?"
Can there be a waiver for the number tested? There must be hudreds and hindreds of combinations. Not practical.
"If it doesn’t pass the Warren test it goes back on the bench for testing to find out why it doesn’t sound right."
That is a good quality control ad, but not much of an ad. If they are not sure they can consistently put a few electronic parts together, we have a problem.
"Besides no one has figured out how to measure warmth, air, transparency, soundstage or presence."
So it is not invariably as quote in one of above posts said. Lots of sweet talk, not many examples. Now, how do you measure sweet talk? Simple. It is about wires.

"You guys can’t require measurements to prove what some people say they hear from cables, and then turn around and use your opinions and theories why all cables don’t sound the same."

I was merely noticing that your questions...

"Do all ICs sound alike? Do all speaker cables sound alike?"

are a bit detached from practical reality.

Get all the cables in the world and check them. Prove they are different. Once you do, someone will bring another one and claim you did not check them all. And be right.
"In the end we invariably find a measurement that matches what the ear hears and it becomes very obvious to everybody. "
Have they found the measurement that matched what it is about wire directionality, yet? Is that already invariable or it is still in the works?
I wouldn't be holding my breath on NASA......"We just learned that our atmosphere extends far beyond the Moon???
You do not need to hold your breath. Atmosphere extends far beyond...