directional cables?

My IC cables are directional, with arrows pointing the way they should be hooked-up. Q: Should they run with the arrows pointing to my cd player, or to my integrated amp? Thanks.
Current does not flow - current IS.  Same as current in the river is a flow of water (current does not flow - water flows) current in the wire is a flow of electric charge.  Wire creates electromagnetic field but transports charges and not the energy.  Energy is transferred thru electromagnetic field from the source to the load.  Direction of the transfer is determined by the Poynting Vector.  
The load has some voltage drop in it, hence electric field. Together with magnetic field, this brings the energy in. Same way, the source generates voltage and, together with magnetic field, this brings the energy out.

In coax wire all energy is transferred as electromagnetic field thru dielectric between wire and the shield.  More info in "Poynting Field".

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The second link is kaput. The first link is just a rehash of the same old song and dance and is non-responsive to the OP question of directionality.
WOW, interesting.  Quite a read.