Directional cable question

Regarding digital cables....Has anybody found that a cable sounds better reversed....the opposite of the manufacturers markings(arrows ect.). Just wondering....
I have actually found the opposite. I had installed an IC with the arrows in the wrong direction for probably a month and found it by chance when I was adding a new IC for another component to the mix. Once I reversed it to the manufacturers markings, it really did perform much better sonically. I never would have believed that direction could make a difference, but it did!
I had a similar experience with my Apogee Wyde Eye digital cable. I unknowingly installed it backwards and my system suddenly sounded dull and lifeless. After checking connections I realized the mistake, and as soon as it was installed properly the sound was restored to normal.
i find that reversing the direction improves the sound. it reduces the imbalance in frequency response.

i also find that when breaking in cables which have no arrow, i prefer reversing the direction of the cable flow, relative to the signal flow occuring during break-in.
Given your tastes in sound, Mr T, It's no surprise that a reversed digital cable would suit you: ( Of course: There are many others out there that are seeking something other than what was recorded on their software as well. To each his own, EH?
The reason I asked...I had over 200 hours on the cable and it hadn't come up yet. But running it 24/7 the last 3 days and now it has finally begin to open.

I know speaker cables can have long breakins....but digital...
hi rodman:

an elephant never forgets (just kidding).

i have had some recent audio experiences which have suggested that it is possible to listen to music without so much subtractive coloration. some warmth is still helpful, as recordings are less than ideal.
Absolutely- Recordings are NEVER perfect. BUT- I spend so much on the best I'm able to find, or agonize so over those I've recorded, that I hate to lose ANY of what's on/in them. Regarding my memory: The way you began that thread, and later described your choice of seats, when attending live concerts, positively made a lasting impression on what's left of my mind! =8^)