Direct Outputs and Record outputs

My preamp has two main outputs and a "record" output.

The servo/crossover for my speakers is asking me to connect it to the "direct" output on my preamp. The only markings for outputs there are "main outputs" and "record output"

Is the "record" output the same thing as a direct output?

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The record out is not controlled by the volume control. a direct output controlled by the volume control?

Is the "record" output the same thing as a direct output?
The "direct output" mentioned by the servo/crossover instructions is most likely referring to the main output(s) of your preamp.

With few exceptions, most preamps are configured so that whatever source is selected is also going out the "record output", except without balance/tone/volume control, so you wouldn't want to connect your crossover/amp/speakers there.
Yes, the direct outs are controlled almost always by the volume control. It should be in this case the same as the main outs on the preamp. You would not want to use the record out because you would not be able to control the volume. The record out may not have as much gain also.