direct or not?

hello. i have a dCS Puccini which i currently run into an integrated amp, Jadis DA88s. i believe this is a very good combination but also know the puccini has digital volume control and can output direct to a power amplifier.

The question is do you believe one would get better sound in the current combination, Puccini-to-Integrated Jadis, or running the Puccini direct to a power amp like the Jadis JA-80s.

Thanks for your thoughts!
why not try it direct for a few days to a week and see which way you like better.
Puccini performs excellent directly with tube amps, you should try it if you can, but have the option of going back.
The usual problem that you run into is that most DAC/CD players have **way** too much output. The result is that you can usually clip the amp at volume settings well below maximum from the digital source- which will cause *serious* loss of resolution.

As a result, you often get better results with an active line stage. I advise that you try direct for a while; if you can keep the volume control over about 85% of full volume you will probably be OK.
I have my Puccini set to 2V, and running it direct to my Dartzeel works perfect.
I would try it direct to a power amp. As Kops said, you can always go back.

I know this thread is old so perhaps this is not of interest to you any longer but I have DCS Puccini, ayre k5xe, ayre mxr and wilson audio Sasha w/p. I sent my K5xe in for upgrade and I have been listening to DCS direct to ayre mx-r. The sound is much better through the ayre k5xe than direct to amps. Bigger soundstage, better dynamics and more life like sound. I can't wait of the MP upgrade.

care to comment on the MP upgrade for the K5Xe ?