Direct mode vs stereo mode & bass management

I currently have an Integra DTR 7 A/V receiver and am using it as a pre-pro. I have separate amps for all channels, plus a subwoofer. The sub is connected via the sub pre-out on the receiver. I am running my CD player through the receiver (analog) and have a choice between 'direct' and 'stereo' modes when listening 2-channel. Problem is I like the sound of 'direct' better but in this mode I by-pass the sub.
My question is: How do I best incorporate the sub using 'direct' mode. I know I can connect the sub using the speaker-in connections and running my fronts from the sub, but any other way? (ICBM?) How does a regular 2-channel pre-amp work? Other suggestions? Thanks!
You can use Y cables and send one pair of RCA's to the amp and another pair to the sub. Or you can loop through the sub's crossover if it has one. I prefer the Y cable method.
Thanks for the response! Can you explain in more detail.
Sorry!...I need something like connect A to B and then connect B to C, etc. Something a dumbass would understand :)
Put a pair of Y cables on the front left and right outputs of your receiver. send one pair of interconnects to your amp and another to the sub's input. A two channel pre works the same way. Some have more than one output making the use of Y cables un-neccesary. You can adjust the sub with it's own controls. If you want to use the sub's crossover, you will have to go from the pre out on the receiver to the sub's inputs and then go from the sub's outputs to your amp. You won't need Y cables this way.