Direct Metal Mastering DMM LP's

What is the opinion of other vinylphiles of DMM pressings. These seem to have been made in the early 80's and are, as near as I can tell, just prior to digital remastered vinyl (which sounds like a CD to me). They soulnd very quiet and clean to me but somehow slightly less analog than non-DMM pressings, but then I am a new re-entrant to the vinyl realm and still getting a feel for the sounds of various pressings and labels etc.
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Your observations are on track with mine. In my experience, DMM typically fails to provide the best reproduction of which vinyl is capable. It is rare to find a DMM issue that also was issued via lacquer mastering. I have only found two recordings I could compare directly, but the DMM has failed to match the lacquer mastered version each time - quieter yes, but not as dynamic or harmonically natural. All of this said, I still regularly buy DMM mastered classical music recordings on the BIS and Hyperion labels and enjoy them immensely for the music and recording quality.