Direct lines and adding a power conditioner

I have 5 direct lines with audiophile receptacles - Maestro, Oyaide R1 and Teslaplex. The direct lines come from a secondary electrical panel on the other side of the wall as the receptacles, so the 10 gauge romex wire is only a few feet long for each run.
I have tried a couple of power conditioners between the direct lines and equipment, but they have suppressed the dynamics. I was wondering has anyone used any type of power conditioner that would help the articulation and naturalness of the sound without any negative effects to the overall presentation?
Try Weizhi PRS-6. I have one for mono amps and 2nd for rest of system. I was in your position last year.
lol!, you do not ever need a power conditioner if you have a dedicated ground for your lines, thats for people that do not know any better!
Additional ideas that are passive, no compression: Power Strip(s) Flying Saucers for unoccupied wall outlets, especially the one adjacent to the power strip

I currently use both, and each product is affordable. Although so simple appearing as to be visually unimpressive, there is a profound unveiling of the sound potential of a system.

Each website's advertising copy makes mighty claims for everything being sold. Don't be put off by what may at first seem to be hyperbole. I think you will be pleased with what you hear.
Interesting, a lot of audiophiles have power conditioners with their dedicates lines.
Take some time to read up on Shunyata's line of power distribution products. I spoke to Grant Samuelson of Shunyata earlier this evening at a dealer showroom and came away quite impressed at their philosophy and design engineering.

I have three dedicated lines and he helped to explain why I may want to use some power conditioning on the digital and home audio portion of my system. I was comparing Audience, Richard Gray and Running Springs products to Shunyata. No decisions have been made yet on my part. Shoot him an email.
@ Davea33, Hi, If you use 6-ft or less dedicated earth grounds out side the house to each recepticle there is no need for a conditioner, of course dealers and conditioner companys will diagree!, they want your money!, conditioners are good if you cannot run this scheme!, It is difficult to manage to arrange for these dedicated grounds, thus, the use of conditioners are used more!, most audiophiles do not have dedicated grounding schemes that I have exsposed here, they commonly share a single ground, so yes, a line conditioner will help that set-up, I have done all of these listed here thru out the years, what I have listed that works best was revolutionary and cost effective to the sound!, Happy listening.
Audiolabyrinth - I would NOT be in the habit of telling people to wire their circuits with dedicated grounds in direct violation of most residential electrical codes. Certainly you CAN wire things this way, but it is not going to meet code and could potentially invalidate your (homeowners) insurance. Additionally, the use of dedicated circuits does NOT mean the AC each circuit is receiving is clean, just that it is CLEANER than a non-dedicated circuit. The quality of the AC depends not only on the quality of the ground, but the power entering the residence from the power company and also how well the rest of the panel is distributed.
@ Jwpstayman, Hi, If you have a dedicated circuit breaker box with this scheme, It meets code nation wide!, This scheme drops the noise floor hugely in any circumstance no matter where you live or what grade of power you get from the power company!, Done right, all breakers work as designed!
Audiolabyrinth - not to belabor the point, but if you check the electrical code for residences, ALL circuits must have a single point of ground, which is the panel ground at the service entrance.
Jwpstayman, that is not true if you have a dedicated breaker box just for your audio recepticles, I can also add, there is no federal code!, what might not be code in your state, does not mean its not code in my state of alabama!, my set-up has been approved!, thus no need for some over priced multi-thousands of dollars line conditioner!, I will also add, It is very cheap to have an in wall surge protector for the lower power componets, LOL!, there is no sure protection that can handle a Krell 700cx amp!, I unplug the amp when It is not being listened to, thats the best cheapest protection,LOL!