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I am using a multiple drive setup from my wireless router to transmit audio data to my Dell laptop where the data stream is sent off to the external DAC for processing. The link between PC and DAC is USB which seems to be quite acceptable. I find however that if I play music directly from my PC hard drive or CDROM, the results are far better. Is there, or could there be some degradation of the audio data stream as it is sent wirelessly to my laptop? My disks have been ripped to FLAC files on the disk station so the original WAV quality remains intact. Any thoughts are most welcome.
At RMAF several suites featured server-based digital systems of one form or an other. I got the general impression that wireless setups sounded hazy. One comparative confirmation of sorts came in the TEAC Esoteric suite, where I heard a server connected prototype based on the D03 DAC. . . when the system was connected via USB, music sounded much crisper, detailed, extended, etc. . . than when the wireless connection variant was activated.
In one other suite -- which shall remain mercifully nameless -- the vendor assured me that wireless and USB-wired server2DAC connection sounds exactly the same. . . that could very well be. . . at least in that room. . . that suite sounded uniformly terrible. G.
Thank you Guido:

Our ears don't lie and I trust your opinion on the subject addressed here. I suspect it has something to do with erratic data transfer rates not to mention the slow speeds of even the most advanced wireless routers today. I might try an ethernet connection for a high transfer rate. The convenience of this type of set up is fantastic. The ability to catalogue one's cd titles by gendre, artist, disk title and track is very nice indeed.
Yes, on a wireless connection the data rate and subsequent jitter is at the mercy of the ether, the data rate and jitter can flutuate wildly, and no clock synchronization can really be performed by the DAC. Conversely, over a USB or Ethernet connection, the DAC's clock can synchronize data transmission from the source quite effectively.
Absolutely wrong.

You can re-clock just as easily over a wireless connection. The "most advanced" wireless networks are running at 300 mbps which is more than ample.

You can argue jitter all day and maybe even make a point or two with usb versus wifi, but the second you reclock it is a completely different story.
There is absolutely no difference in the data stream.

I also diagree with the premise that our ears dont lie. That is laughable imo.
Thank you Robr45, care explaining/expanding? G
Well robr45:

You've failed to explain why the results running music directly from my internal computer HD significantly improves the playback results. The only difference is streaming wirelessly. There is obviously something missing here. Your explanation?