Direct Drive Turntable plays slightly too fast

I have a nice realistic turntable that is a direct drive. I just took it out of storage in its original box, i might add, but I just noticed after reading the instructions that the stobe shows it plays slightly too fast.

I adjust the speed knob all the way it will go in the slow position, but ever so slightly the strobe shows the platter moving a hairs length clockwise - or too fast.

What can I do. Is the speed knob a potentiometer? Should I replace it? Can I add a 100 ohm or smaller resister to the potentiometer? Is it possible to pot oxidized?

ideads please?
If it's been sitting a long time, the pot may be oxidized. Sometimes, but not always, twisting the control back and forth rapidly 30 or 40 times will improve things.
Yes it's possible the pot is oxydized, this is a common problem with old DDs. Just spray it with contact cleaner or Deoxit, turn it repeatedly working it in, and it should be fine. Good luck.
Also, remember to check/adjust the speed with a record playing.
Spinning slightly too fast with no record playing???
Ahhh yes check it with a LP PLAYING. The drag on the platter may be just what you need to have it work properly.
Elizabeth, did you read the second post?