Direct Drive or Belt

Hey all,

I have a question and wondered if the minds here could help.

Currently have an Old Pioneer PL-510a direct drive. I have rewired the head shell wires with new audioquest head shell wires. And use the Sure MX97e Cart. Sounds much better. I am using the Cambridge 640 and then playing into my Music Hall 25.2 amp. {Very Budget friendly :-)}

The local record shop has a few belt drives for sale. Fairly cheap.
1. Marantz 6200
2 NAD 5040.
and a few others.

My question is, would it be a step up at this point to try out a belt drive? {As in one of these models?}

The setup I have now sounds pretty darn good. But I am just not sure with the funds I have if its worth it to try one of these just for trying.


I'd say buy records with the money you have left. The question you have to answer is whether you believe that motor noise or motor-induced vibration is affecting the quality of sound you are getting. A second question is whether the speed is stable at 33 1/3. If you are having these problems, then the upgrade may be a good idea. If not, buy records or buy some cheap American stocks before the market rebounds and sell them in a few years to buy a VPI HR-X.

Depends about the quality of the direct drive TT and belt TT
Currently I'm using a Technics SL1210 MKII , probably one of the best DD TT on the market today and I never change with any Rega
Good advice from Tfkaudio!
Thats good advice. I'll take it!