Direct connect with the Emotiva

Finally took the IC's from the Adcom preamp (565) and went direct into the Emotiva DAC.
Kimber PBJ into the Adcom 565 monoblocks.

Over the years, I have heard the words, "a veil was lifted from the music." I would have to say this was "musical Windex."
I never realized how much my preamp clouded the music.
Holy sheep-S___t Batman!

This was a MUCH bigger improvement than going from the Grado MM to the Benz MC!

Now, I need to figure out how to use it with my turntable.
Then again, maybe there will be a LP12, Nitty Gritty cleaner and a record collection for sale soon!

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Good to hear that you are having good results with the Emotiva XDA-1. It has a volume control I believe so it can pull double duty as a DAC and preamp. One less piece of equipment in the chain right.