Dire Straits Remasters


Picked up the Warner Remaster of Brothers in Arms to see the difference. Not only are things cleaned up, tightened up, and tuned up, but the whole disk, well, flowed better.

Just amazing.

I do not know much about mastering and would like to learn more. I've listened to several of the Riverside 20bit remasters on Jazz and have been unimpressed -- they are grainy and bright. And while the Riverside master is clearly in a different in genre, the SBM remaster is much better. Much, much, much better. So clearly there are different approaches in eeking out the last bit of fidelity in the flawed Redbook format and some appear more successful than others.

I suppose this rolls up into two questions:

1) Any SBM recordings you recommend (I'm replacing my Dire Straights collection with the SBM remasters)?

2) Could you direct me to resources (web or book) which explains the details of different mastering approaches?

Thanks in advance,
If you think the Columbia remasters of the Dire Straits are good, you should look for the imports of Dire Straits SBM remastered on Vertigo. These remasters are far superior to the Columbia versions. I have owned both and dumped the Columbia versions when I heard the Vertigo versions. The Vertigo are cleaner and more dynamic. Check them out.
STOP! Get the JVC XRCD2 copy of "Brothers in Arms", which has the reputation of being the best CD version of this album. I have several SBM CD's, but I have been most impressed with Japanese pressed CD's. Also, Australian pressed CD's are also quite good. But you are right, SBM represents a quantum leap in fidelity over regularly mastered CD's in the rock genre. My comments are a generalization, and not true in every case. Happy listening!
Vertigo is better than the Warner Brothers but the JVC XRCD is even better the Japanese made XRCD is supposedly better than the U.S. made version also I have the Japanese version having not heard the U.S. version so?
Where can you purchase SBM remasters, JVC XRCD2, and Japanese pressed CD's? Thanks.
Fatparrot, Hifi, & Mejames, great info. Thanks!
This is a band that begs to be remastered on SACD. THAT will rule, if/when it happens.

Try www.store.acousticsounds.com
Music Direct (www.amusicdirect.com) will have the XRCDs. I'm going to wait for SACD. I was happy to notice that Mark Knopfler's new album, "Shang-ri La", due to be out on September 28th (I think) is being released Day 1 on SACD.
I'm a little lost here, can someone tell me *how many* reissues are being discussed here and in what order is the *quality* ??
I went to All Music Guide and got a ton of Anti-Spyware popups on their site. (Yes I have a firewall, but I HATE these kind of sites where you have to "sign-in" and deal with ads, they're very strong pop-ups too, so when ever you change pages, you get hit big-time, P.I.T.A.)
I have the JVC XRCD 2 remaster of Brothers in Arms and it is the best of the redbook CDs I have of this album. The Vertigo is the next best. I believe it is due to the better manufacturing process used by Vertigo than by Columbia. Believe it or not, not all pits are the same. This was true with vinyl LPS too, some companies used better vinyl and were more careful in the stamping process. I think this is becoming more common in CD land also. Companies that have higher production standards are producing CDs that will sound better on a high resolution system.

I'm learning as you are! So far there is the standard issue CD, a remastered version (with Japanese & UK offerings in addition to the US one), and an XRCD version. That's five. Yikes. Seems there's great depth to a simple question.

As a side note, this reinforces my hypothesis that my playback is source limited; the differences between the comercial and remastered versions of BIA is far more material than the recent equipment changes I've explored. Have a trip to Amoeba records tomorrow to pick up my XRCD of BIA and will report back.

This is fun.

Thanks Hifimaniac & Mprime for clarifying.
I assume it's safe to say, the JVC is THE one to get ?
yes definitely JVC XRCD
Thanks Mejames !!
Quick follow up on the XRCD. Couldn't find BIA, but did pick up two jazz titles: Waltz for Debby and Relaxin' with the Miles Davis Quintet. As for the quality difference, just one word....


It's not even funny how bright, grainy, and nasty the Redbook standard issues are by comparison. And my Waltz for Debby is the Riverside K2 remaster!

So I've got the BIA XRCD on order and am sure I'll just love it. Thanks Fatparrot and Mejames for bringing XRCD to my attention -- I would not have found them otherwise.

Oh, and fuck-you for getting me hooked on $26 CD's!



The good news....there aren't that many XRCD's;

The bad news....there aren't that many XRCD's.
Hey MPrime,

You must live in Berkeley or somewhere in the East Bay. I just moved away from Lafayette last year and Amoeba records is sorely missed. Great selections of music, many imports and very reasonable prices. I think FIM music does an XRCD of Patricia Barber's Companion. It too is a must. FIM is First Impresssion Music. Also, FIM does a great jazz CD from that Japanese Trio whose name escapes me, but the album is called Autumn in Seattle. This is the best recording I have ever heard. Check it out.