Dire Straits "Making Movies" on Simply Vinyl

Has anyone heard Dire Straits "Making Movies" on the Simply Vinyl label? I have an opportunity to buy a copy but have heard conflicting opinions about the merits of this labels offerings. Thanks, Will
I have well over 100 Simply Vinyl titles and YES, there are some dogs...arf, arf! However, all of the Dire Straits Albums, (yes I have them all), IMHO are very good. Making Movies is probably my favorite Dire Straits work. I think I have at least 5 or 6 different copies (US, Canada, UK, German, Japanese). The Simply Vinyl version holds it's own...
I have a bunch of Simply Vinyl LPs, I don't know how many, but I must have passed on the dogs. ALL the SV titles I have are the best or among the best recording of that title I have ever heard. I would not hesitate to buy Making Movies.
Although I have gotten a bad Simply Vinyl LP or two, Elton John/Elton John comes to mind, all of their Dire Straits releases have gotten good reviews.
Simply put! if you don't buy it letr me know where it is. Is it sealed?
Thanks to all for your responses. I'll pick it up up today. Will