Dirac Live default

Anyone else having problems contacting the dirac live company? my Dirac Live calibration tool software no longer works and despite having repeatedly contacted the company and the help desk, no one answers my emails. This company seems very lacking in customer assistance....
I read where people were having problems if they were  running Mojave on their Mac and you upgraded. If you're using a Mac it could that. 
Thanks for your help! I have an old Mac with Maverick OS so probably their server doesn't recognize it anymore, but the main problem is that their helpdesk continues not to respond to my requests for assistance and at this point I don't really know what to do...
Did you buy direct from them or through a third party like miniDSP or NAD? I have no idea what you could do other than keep trying or ask on a dirac forum. 
Better off going with an integrated unit like Anthem or Trinnov. The Anthem preamp is a real winner at the price. The companion computer program allows you to see and mess with everything in a way similar but not quite as comprehensive at the old TACT units. Same for Trinnov but much more expensive. I am not impressed with either Dirac or Room Perfect. If you can find a used Tact 2.2X go for it. They are built as well as any consumer electronics and are bullet proof with the exception of the optional ADC cards which have a habit of failing. You just get an outboard ADC like the Benchmark which is superior anyway.