Dirac live 3 on NAD doesn't work

Again I am trying to use Dirac on a Nad m17 v2i processor and it just don’t work. The company provides virtually no guidance when using a desktop with a mic attached. Using a umik microphone and the software recognizes the microphone but is very very glitchy.

Dirac pro supposedly comes with the processor and then you have to figure out which version Dirac to use. You go to the dirac website and even though Nad promised Full access to Dirac they don’t provide login instructions. So you have to figure out Dirac 3 is the proper thing to download and this was a real challenge to figure this out. So Dirac doesn’t help and Nad customer service has no knowledge of what to do.

Would not recommend this processor and dirac.

This is the worst software and I can’t believe how bad it is.

The iPad version of this software is very very outdated it doesn’t work.

Has anybody had success using Dirac with this processor?


I'm using Dirac 3, full $100 paid version, on my rig, ergo the NAD C658. Works great. Not sure I'm sold on what it does to the sound but I can tweak that later, I'm fairly new to it. 

Also, you have to create your own Dirac account, it's not 'included' with NAD in the sense of auto-creating an account. How would anyone know who you are? Once you create your login it will fall into place, assuming you have some online / software fluency. 

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I never received any license from Nad.  Was told I would get the pro version. 

It does recognize the Nad processor.  But you don't get access to a login and there by the benefits seems very very limited.  The nad Version of dirac software just doesn't work very good.

It's a con you should not be paying $100. That's not what they agreed to.


You can't create any login until you pay $100.  You can't get a license and tell you pay $100.  How did you get a login??

How were you ’told’ you would get a pro license? By whom?

Just go the Dirac site & create an account. Download their separate program also, that's how you calibrate the mic and take the numerous measurements. 

Dirac is embedded within some NAD boxes. The free version anyhoots, ergo up to 500hz. Paying the $100 unlocks all the way up to 20k hz. But all the above still in effect.