Dirac - does it work with a stereo preamp?

Or just for use with a ht processor?


Hey, well, it requires math... so you have to have the chip and software somewhere to do it.  HT processors may have them since they have so much going on to support the HT experience already.

You can get dirac EQ's to put between your preamp and amp.  Check out miniDSP for the most affordable.

It works anywhere you can insert it.

Not with an integrated smp with no tape loop. Unless you only have or want to use it in one source.

There are a bunch of units that are 2 channel and are equipped with Dirac or another room correction.  The NAD M33 might be the most popular but the M10v2, Lyngdorf and Anthem integrateds all offer room correction and all three offer superb room correction.  

I have Dirac running on a MiniDSP SHD that I use for stereo.

SHD -> C2500 (pre) -> MC152 (amp)