Dipping my toe into the high res waters

I've been using iTunes, streaming to an AirPort Express, for my computer-based music. (When I'm not playing records or CDs, in other words.) I've got close to 1,000 CDs, ripped in Apple Lossless, and quite like the ease of use -- with the Remote app on my iPod Touch -- but I want to check out this fancy new high res stuff. From what I've been reading -- and I've been doing lots of reading -- the Squeezebox Touch could let me have a foot in both worlds: iTunes and high res. I'm looking for two things: better sound, but still fairly simple. Are there reasons to avoid the Squeezebox Touch, or are there better solutions to give me a way into the high res world without leaving behind the simplicity and familiarity of iTunes altogether?
Well, you want to be certain you are getting real hi-rez music.

an expose' on some sites and the downloads shows the downloads have no additional information over a standard rez download. They are just padding the data with zeros to boost it up to "hi-Def" resolution standards.
Sorry I do not have the link, or the exact place i saw it.
The photos of the data made it pretty clear the stuff was pumped up lo res though.
So watch the sources of the downloads. Not all of them are legitamate hi-rez.
I'm also starting with hi-resolution and got the Touch for the same reasons. You should be aware it can currently handle up to 24bit/96kHz, so depends on what you refer to as hi-rez. It won't do 192kHz, but then many who have been trying this for a while say it's difficult to perceive improvements beyond 24/96. I don't have an opinion from personal experience, yet.

My path: Touch, later add an outboard DAC. Some prefer a computer as source, others hate them vs Touch. It's a personal thing, I guess. The Touch is capable of putting thru bit-perfect info and is a nice source with a great interface.

I'm not familiar with Airport Express.
Just imagine how good it will be when you dip your ears in.