Dipole Speakers In Wall or On Wall? Thoughts??

Putting a theater together and am wondering which would be the better speaker with the sound. The in wall or on the wall type? My guess would be the on wall due to the firing of the speakers for seperation. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks Again Gang.
As a casual observer to this site (daily) I know just enough to be dangerous....:-)

I would assume that ANY in-wall speaker would have to be direct radiating. No dipole. No bipole. To me, that is the only logical answer.

The chances that I'm wrong are large, however.
Slightly off the wall, about 25%to 30% of speakers depth and 20%down from the ceiling heighth.(ASC website as a reference to this information.)
A customer of mine stuck a pair of Magnepan 20.1 into a wall with huge foamed coves behind them. They sound decent but the recessed install robbed them of the Maggie magic. When dipoles can't radiate the out of phase waves into the listening space, it changes their sonic signature.
Thanks for the response guys. I was thinking of either Paradigm ADP on wall or B&W in walls. Seems that the on wall type might be best. Any recommendations on speakers. I'm listening. Thanks Again for your help Gang!!!
I use the BW on wall not the in wall, if it is in the wall alot of attention needs focused on the wall and the bracing and material behind the speaker, I dont like in wall because of the whole giant baffle idea, most speakers for inwall use are not really made for inwall as far as sound and performace goes, but they are made to go in the wall for a clean look, stick to on wall is my opinion.
Thanks for your input Chadnliz. I was leaning toward the Paradigms anyway. Seems I can shoot for the asthetic value or the performance. Performance will win hands down although I am going in the wall with the mains, center and the rears. Again do appreciate all your help!!! Any other input or recommendations would be great.
sounds like you got it all figured out, report your progress as it all comes together and good luck!