Dipole/bipole or direct radiating

I have a 27'x 16' room that will be pretty much dedicated for music and movies. I have heard a lot about what kind of speakers to put for surrounds (some say direct radiating other dipole / bipole). I have Revel Salons and Voice but I am unsure if I should get the M20's or the S30's / Embraces for the back. Any and all comments are welcome.

If you have a big room and your speakers don't have to be right on top of you then I would use direct radiating speakers as they will work for movie and music surround. Dipoles are a poor choice for music surround unless you have to put your rears next to your seating. If all you care about are movies, then you might want to use dipoles. Bipoles might be good if your fronts are bipoles I would think. I use monopoles I my large room.
I agree with Sogood and would recommend the M20's. Also, depending on what happens with multi channel music it seems the direct radiating will definitely be better in this area (mind you, I'm not holding my breath on this one just yet).
Thank you very much!!!
Dynasy, I have a an almost identical size room - mine has a ten foot ceiling. Ever since I first heard the Apogee Scintilla, I knew what speaker I would put into a big room. I have never heard a more convincing speaker.

I have also had the pleasure of listening to other dipoles in large spaces. Without an exception, dipoles, for me, are exceptional in facilitating the imagination.
Muralman1, do you have Apogee in a multichannel setup? I would love to hear something like that. I have Vmps all around in my multichannel system but have a pair of Apogee Centaur Minors in my two channel system. I'll bet an all Apogee system with a couple of subs would do it up right, I love mine and may go with another pair someday.
Sogood51, have you been to the Apogee club house? http://audioworld.com/cgibin/sw/forumdisplay.cgi?action=topics&number=1&SUBMIT=Go

there is a member there who uses Full ranges front, Duetta Signature sides, and Diva rears. There are others too. Another member showed a real theater set up with cantered seats, curtains, and all. You can pose theater questions there, and get response from several members.

Keith Yates, of mega home theater fame, is going to pay me a visit shortly. I'll ask him if he knows any other theater folks employing Apogees.
Muralman1, I'll check it out thanks.
I have all Apogees in my Home theater system. Check my system
I have been in the audio field over 38 years. I reside in Bellmore L.I. I have been listning to Magnepan speakers & nothing even comes closet to the musicality & naturalness of dipole speakers period. musical marv
The multichannel specs say that your speakers should not be dipole/bipole, but mine are, and they work fine. Besides, I just like the way they sound.