DIP for CAL Alpha/Delta combo?

Has anyone tried a DIP (jitter reducer) between their CAL Alpha/Delta DAC/transport? If so, how was it?
I once bought a used Delta because I thought it looked nice and based on Cal's reputation.
I had to use an Audio Alchemy DTI 2.0 with it to get even acceptable performance. The DTI improves bass response, reduces grunge in the midrange (that you will not realize is there until you try it) and adds some smoothness and richness to the sound.
There are very few transports that will not benefit from a jitter reduction device.
Every now and then out of curiousity I unhook one of my DTI's to see if I can live without. This usually lasts for a minute or two and then I put it back.
I have not tried a Monarchy DIP, so I would suggest you try before you buy.
I think that "jitterboxes" as a whole are very system and component dependent. I also think that the results are noticeable enough to make them a matter of personal taste.

My experience ( using a Cal Delta / Sigma & Delta / Alpha combos and a Monarchy Super Dip ) were that everything became much more "etched" sounding. Some of the "roundness" or "warmth" was lost from the system with a greater propensity towards "hi-fi" sound. While it did seem as if there was more "detail", it did so by losing some of the "musical" aspects of the system. While the increased detail may be due to the reduced amount of "smearing" or "jitter" that was taking place in the system, it didn't sound natural to me. It was more of a "note there, note gone" type of thing with nothing having a natural harmonic overtone or normal amount of decay time. While this might help a system that sounded slow or bloated, it didn't help the system that i tried it in. It was one of those "are you listening to music or are you listening to equipment" type of things for me. Your results might vary and like Joe B suggests, i would try one out for yourself. Sean