Dining/kitchen in-wall speaker height

My brother-in-law purchased a pair of JBL in-wall speakers and now wants to know where to install them for stereo sound in his combined dining/kitchen area. His son wanted to install them in an exterior wall with the magnets against the exterior sheathing, leaving no room for insualtion. With winter temps down to -5 degrees here, I suggested an interior wall that faces the dining, then kitchen area. I'm wondering about height. There's a bar/counter between the dining and kitchen area that get's used everyday for meals, while the dining table gets used less often. I thought the speakers should have their non-adjustable tweeters about 5 feet high. What do you think? Thanks, Roger
There really isn't going to be an ideal palce to put them. He will have to settle for a 'less bad' location. I am guessing they will not really be for listening as much as having background music in that area of the house. I have used wall mounted speaker in an office application and ended up placing them higher of the wall than one would normally position speakers. That way peoples conversations weren't competing with the speakers.

This gives up sound quality, but that is not really the first priority in the dining room/kitchen.

There is no way I would consider the outside wall. Insulation is a must in colder climates.

I don't know ifthat helps at all, but I tried?!?
You are right. These won't be used for critical listening. I'll see if he has room to go fairly high with them. Thanks.