Dinah Washington, have you listened to her?

From Ella, Sarah, Diana, Billy and many others...including Rosie...  However, if you have not listened to Dinah Washington you might enjoy giving her a listen.  A bit more "rough around the edges" than some others, but not really like anyone else.   Enjoy..
Dinah Washington "rough around the edges" ??? The most popular and beloved black artist of 50s. Incredible talent, that died too soon. She was known for exactly the opposite to "rough" - an excellent voice control. She was highly regarded by other singers, that often learned from her. She influenced such singers like Nancy Wilson, Esther Philips, Diane Shuur, and many others. Amy Winehouse said "I learned to sing from Dinah Washington". 
Dinah Washington best known for what a difference a day makes a great talent listen to her frequently and on another note bewildered by rough around the edges !!!! Thanks for the great memories What’d

Dinah Washington "rough around the edges" Sigh...

The OP puts Diana(assuming Krall?)and Rosie(whoever that is) with Ella, "Billy?"(should be Billie) and Sarah.....

Enough said.
What about Nina ?  or Anita ? 
Yes, Diana.

Sarah Vaughn IS a MUST. For EVERYBODY.

I LOVE Nina, but for many she is an 'acquired taste'.
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 I must now face the gallows.  Please give my 8-track tapes to those more worthy. 

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20 lashings with cheap lamp cord  and Justin Beiber on repeat for your offense.
Dinah Washington embodies the best of everything that makes a great singer:
Great diction
Great pitch
Great feeling
Great style
Delivers the lyric
Great taste
Great musicianship
Great rhythm
What’s not to like?
Check out Blue Gardenia and Make theMan Love Me. Classics.
Well said! Dinah at her best might be the best ever when it comes to simply and accessibly delivering the goods vocally. One of my all time favorites.

Probably the one I would suggest those interested in pop/jazz female vocalists listen to first to set the standard.
Nina Simone is waaaay more edgy than Dinah.  I find that Carmen McRae doesn't get mentioned in enough conversations.  
"Rough around the edges." What edges? Dinah is about has about as smooth a vocal delivery as there is. She is one of the original song stylists. Maybe you should stick to Rosie, whoever she is.

+1 elliottbnewcombjr
whatjd.....Great contribution to some that are new to this hobby. I always find it interesting that people starting off sometimes listen to their equipment and not the music. The nice thing about this thread. The post responses are calling out some of the great artists of all time.
@Michealweiss, She’s one of my all time favorites and I agree with everything you posted. But since you asked; and perhaps I’m mistaken, but on occasion I think she be be a touch sharp.
Still love her!
@michealweiss, I'm a knucklehead! I just realized I was thinking of Nancy Wilson. Never mind. :-)
She is awesome...nothing like these female singers of that era... nothing....today's music all sucks, none of it is worth buying imo.