din cable recommendation

Presently have a J A Michell gyro SE with a Ortofon Julibee cartridge and a 309 SME arm with a BAT P5 SIX-PAK. Would like to hear some feedback on a cable for primarily listening to classical traditional jazz and single mic recordings.

Enjoy Music!
I bought the arm cable listed here on ebay for my Graham 2.2. I got the Silver Bullet plugs and Clearaudio DIN plug as options and it was still under $250 if my memory is correct. I am very happy with it. He gives a money back guarantee.

Previously had a Zu Cable Xaus and found it to be excellent. Upgraded to a different arm that had integrated cables is the only reason I parted with them.
Stanwal, Sounds like a good cable, has it prooved quiet?

The seller seems to make no mention of length in his ads? Do you know what the standard, advertised length is? Thanks, Mark
It seems to me that it is around a meter but send him an email and make sure. I have had no problem at all with mine and am very happy with the sound. Some of the products on the market seem very overpriced in comparison. Since you can get your money back there is little to lose. I have no connection except as a customer.
Hi, I am using a SLCable phono cable, it is great especially for the price. they start at about 60.00
and go to 240.00 for silver. Good service and build quality. I bought one for my Grace arm because it takes the male din and i didn't want to spend much on an arm i didn't know if i would keep. I bought the 60.-- one and now i am going to try the silver. just a thought.