'dimple' tweeter fix

Hi.I have kept my Dynaudio audience 52SE in a box for a while now. Reason, was my then 2 y.o son was beginning to be inquisitive and he poked the tweeter, hence I have BOTH tweeter with 'dimple'. I've been using my KESTREL's and kinda miss the clarity and dynamic of the 52SE..

So, anyone has an idea how to do it? how much is the parts or where can I buy them (for cheaper than dealer)? any vid around if someone already did this?

.. its an esotar 2 tweeter IIRC

The question I had was once you're able to pop it back is the tweeter damaged even though visually the tweeter looks ok
Are sonics effected once the tweeter is pushed in
You won't know until you listen to the popped back tweeter (driver).
Once a soft dome is deformed with a crease, it no longer behaves the same way under operation. What likely occurs are deviations from the original frequency response above 7000Hz where the dome typically starts entering resonance modes. The deformations and creases that might be in the dome now will alter those modes and change the way the tweeter radiates.

If you can quickly correct a poked in dome so that there are no creases, you stand a better chance at an unaffected speaker. If it hasn't been corrected for a length of time and creases permanently establish themselves, your best bet is to replace the dome assembly, which in the case of Dynaudio, an expensive proposition.
My buddy's tweeter was pushed in and then immediately came out on it's own there is still a crease but not sure if any damage was done
I think these things are really delicate

He's debating whether to change his tweeter as a result

What do you guys think ?