Dimple in speaker driver cone

I have a pair of Thiel CS 1.6s that have a quarter size dimple in one the driver cones of one speaker that a friends curious child created when he pushed his finger into my speaker (damn him). Can that dimple be removed by moi? Or do I need to have it repaired or replaced by the manufacturer?
You can leave it alone. It will not alter the sound but only annoy you visually.
If it is in the center of the speaker it is in the dust cap of the magnet. If this is the case it has no effect on the sound and can be ignored or repaired by you. I had one recently which I repaired by judiciously pushing on other side of cap, another method I have heard of but not used involves using a very small pin with a bent end to pull it back in place. If it is really a dimple in the cone itself then professional help is required.
You can also try adhering a piece of tape to the center of the dimple and pulling it out or if you are daring a small vacuum cleaner.
You can also try adhering a piece of tape to the center of the dimple and pulling it out or if you are daring a small vacuum cleaner.
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I've used the vacuum cleaner method with success (hand vac).

Also, warming the dimpled area with a hair dryer can help make the material a little more pliable.
Make sure there is no one else in the room and gently suck on it. I know that this sounds ridiculous and I am leaving myself wide-open for major A'gon teasing, but it really worked for me on my old Dynaudios.
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Thanks everyone.. I will first try the tape method and see how it goes.

I appreciate all responses.

Thanks UmAlum1990
I have a pair of 1.6s with a dimple just like yours. It ain't coming out easy. I tried the tape, didn't help. I tried the vacuum, didn't work. With both methods the dimple came out but went right back in when pressure was released. The woofer is aluminum and is dented.
I haven't tried Jsaah's method but have my doubts.
I contacted Thiel and the advice was to remove the driver and gently rub behind the dent to smooth it back out. As I don't believe the dent affects the sound I left it alone. I prefer the sound with the grills on so it's not a bother. Good lucj and keep those damn kids away.
If you try it with your lips..Put on some soft music and turn off the lights..If it doesn't work at least you will get to know your speakers better than you ever have before.......Sorry ,,couldn't help myself.......


...sorry Umalum...I couldnt help myself either...

(still lol..)
Come on Thorman, you can't stop there! You left out the best part - the deflowering of the slotted port...

"Dear Stereohouse Forum - It all started when a pair of twin Thiel 1.6s showed up on my doorstep. I knew it was going to be a night to remember..."

Seriously though, if it's an aluminum driver, you're going to have a hard time resolving it short of removing the driver and, dare I say it, gently massaging it as Timrhu suggests.

Good luck!

If the above "suggestions" don't work....take a thread and put a dab of super glue on the tip. Hold it to the center of the dimple till it dries. Borrow Tvad's hair dryer and warm it up a little bit, then slowly pull the dimple out.

When you are done cut the thread from the driver.

I haven't tried this myself so you will need to sign a waiver. Any one else tried the superglue/thread method?

Keep us informed.
Thank God we all still have our Good sense of Humor!
TVAD's hair dryer and vacuum suggestion is right on and has worked for me. You don't want to let the vacuum attatchment touch the cone. I would sugget you use the brush attatchment so there is some control over the amount of suction.
My hand vac has a crevice attachment that provides a narrow and very controllable opening. I found this worked well.
Put the covers on if you have them.I know it drives one crazy as it happened to me,best of luck and keep your stick on the ice.Sorry for being redundant,I dont have alot of material,Bob
A yes, two weeks back the same thing happend to me! A mischevious child when and punched in the dust caps on one of my Sequerra montiors (no grills)---more than just quarter size...all the way. When I told my wife about it, he overheard and promply went and punched the other one in too as we watched dumbfounded.

Fortunately, I was angling for some new speakers so I told my wife that since this was her friends child, at least we could get new speakers. So I bought some Acoustic Zen Adagios. I feel that I made out pretty well!!

But if that's out of the question...well you may be able to remove the the dustcaps altogther and replace it with a phase plugs (make sure you can find the right size before doing that). (As i realized once I removed the dustcaps on my Sequerras. I found a website with some wooden ones here: http://www.planet10-hifi.com/pp-testimonials.html. I'll probably do that anyway with the Sequerras.
Yeah, looks like I'm not the only sucker for dimples...

Guys, that was hilarious! Thanks.