DiMarzio cables

Just wanted to share my experience of using DiMarzio M-Path RCA interconnects, 1.0M pair.
In another thread when OP asked about what to use for amplification of "heavy music", I suggested he ask Yngwie Malmsteen and use whatever he does. So a few weeks ago I thought why not follow my own advice and not try the cables he uses with his guitars. And that's DiMarzio. You know what, I was really impressed by them. In my very good mid-fi system with the Spacedeck table being the only component above mid-fi, they were almost as good as Purist Audio Maximus for less than 20% the price. Purist had a little richer midrange with a little deeper soundstage but the rest was at least equal. I would say that DiMarzio was a bit more articulate with somewhat better highs. Excellent cable. And for $150 pair new? Great value. I still prefer Purist overall but by very little and not with any recording.
Anyone else has impressions?
i swear by Dimarzio power cords- not very expensive, but you wouldn't know it from the build quality- they use similar plugs you see on many of the more well known brands, and they're not too big or too skinny to use on source components or power amplifiers. and they get the job done if you get my meaning...
Yes...Dimarzio makes very good stuff, however, as I always have said.......you have to hear cables in YOUR system to see if it does the job you want it to do. All cables sound different in different systems.
Hi: The "new" system here is not yet up and running, but I did pick up a pair of the DiM.Super M-Path speaker cables on Audiogon awhile back, based on Keith Herron's strong recommendation. Has anyone here had experience with these? I'd very much appreciate reading your comments. My system options are tube-based, BTW...
No, I have not, I use Purist Audio Colossus speaker cables that work so well with my amp and speakers. But since you are going to use DiMarzio, why not give the interconnect a try too? Usually I advocate one brand approach though in my case I just got tired of swapping one good interconnect (Purist Maximus) between three source components and decided to try DiMarzio. I got lucky, it works perfectly, so I will be using it with my Nak deck and Maximus with phono stage. I use my cd player very rarely.
Thanks! I recently picked up two 'minty' Naks (CR-3a, CR-1a) cheap myself for those basically free, or nearly so, cassettes from garage sales, the library, etc. -- first time down that road since 1970 for me!
I use my finely tuned and aligned 682ZX on an almost daily basis. I make compilations from LPs and CDs and for background music coming from another room this is perfect.
Ah, a different league -- and a different application! I don't want to redirect the thread, but I am curious -- better sound, then, from the nice Nak used this way compared to digital options?
I never tried dat or cd recorder if that's what you mean. And if you meant how the recording made on my Nak compares to the cd player that I use (CEC belt drive player), then I can tell you that except for extra background noise it is usually a little better if using best reference tapes especially Maxell Metal Vertex which is so expensive but absolutely the best, at least with my deck. And of course I take the signal directly from phono stage and cd player; no tape-out loop, thank you. The deck does some good equalization in the process of recording, Also I can make the recording sound louder than the original so less volume on the amp and less distortion.
Thanks! Glad you are getting such fine results.
Has anyone tried the DiMarzio XLR cables and care to share their thoughts on them?

I checked Dimarzio's website and other than the basic microphone cable I didn't see the DiMarzio XLR cables that I've seen on headphone.com.

Did the XLR line of cables get discontinued?


I auditioned some DiMazio cables/cords in an all Primare system w/ Vienna speakers. The cables/cords in question would have been 4-5 years ago, all were red in color.

A sweet $15K system and these cables were remarkably inexpensive compared to the other gear.
I have Dimarzio balanced XLR cables and find them excellent. I caution all to audition all cables in your own system, because all cables sound different in different systems.
Yes, of course. I would say that it is still on the warm side of neutral but not much; so is my Spacedeck turntable and so is my Nak deck.