Greetings! I am moving to Texas from Florida. I have 2 audio systems, a vintage Sansui AU 771 driven system and my reference McIntosh MA 250 driven. Is there any value, in your opinion, to keeping the vintage system? The vintage system includes a Technics table and Polk SDA's speakers. The Mac drives a pair of Nola Contender 3 and Clearaudio  and Technics tables with an Oppo 105 player. Wojld you keep both? and, are you old enough to have heard my vintage system? Just had to throw that in, no offense meant at all!



you should keep both if each brings you happiness and there is a place for them in your new abode

you won't get any better answers for us, you have the answer yourself...

 Sansui AU 771 ...McIntosh MA 250... Technics table... Polk SDA's speakers. Nola Contender 3 and Clearaudio ... Oppo 105 player. 

Dump the Sansui, 32 watts doesn't get you too far. Keep the Mac250 if it is fresh. The Technics tables would depend on the model, SL-1200 and up, I'd keep. Keep the Polks if they are the large ones and in good shape. Keep the Nola, Clearaudio, and Oppo. So, I guess I didn't get rid of much, but you can thin out the lessor stuff.

Where in Texas are you heading? I made that move, from NY metro to Austin a while ago. Austin is, despite all the shiny tech and money and boom-town vibe, a bit thin on hi-fi. There are a few record stores here and a record show that happens periodically. If another city down here, I may know a few people you can contact once you land. Albert Porter, out of Dallas, is a sweetheart and has a listening group that meets regularly. 

Good luck on your move. Mine went fine but it's still a killer. 

I say you would be happy in either state. Fla has more demanding building codes. You can't even offer a price to do a job, any job without a license or your arrested on the spot. 

I'm North of Dallas and no hurricanes, but we do have tornadoes.  People are friendly, but the heat means living indoors for months..so you have to decide who/what keeps you company.  I'll be selling my old equipment soon.

I have owned just about everything Mac ever made between 1966-1979.  I like the  “Mac” sound and the build quality.. But the Sansui sound pre 1977, like your 771 is just magic.  I don’t care about everyone’s ’mid-Fi’ antics, and 30 wpc channel is probably more than you ever use at normal and above average listening.

If you enjoy the Sansui sound then keep it.  No, it doesn’t have snob appeal or the panache of McIntosh, but personally speaking to me it almost always sounds better, and isn’t that what’s important?    

Thank you Norman. Turns out I think I can fit both systems in one room. I agree with you, I'd never give up the Sansui. I fell in love with the brand in 1975 and nothing sounds like it. I had a tech who was a Viet Nam vet and he used to call Sansui, "The Japanese Mcintosh". Perfect match to the Polk SDA's. The Mac and Nolas sound amazing so in my mind two great systems for different types of music.

Thanks everyone and cheers!