Digitally Mastered Lp's?

Whats up with this?

I just bought a an Lp from am newer artist and it sounds bloated and edgy like everything is turned up so it can be played through an iPod.

Are record labels/artists still using analogue master tape to cut their acetates? If so who and how do you know whether your Lp has been "digitized" or not.
And you generalize from this one sample that the entire fault of its poor sound is due to a digital master? Sure.
ECM label has all its analogue records digitally mastered although they sound just right as they're suppose to sound.
Some LP's produced from analog tapes sound wonderful, and some sound terrible. Same for digital masters.

If a digital master is converted to analog at the studio and then to LP, it's still better resolution than the "down sampled" CD. If an excellent analog master is used for the LP, it's nearly always better. If the digital master is excellent and the analog is sloppy, the digital master makes a better LP.

I've said this a lot of time, the problem I have with digital is the 25 year old format. The guys that control the quality are convinced that we need no better than CD or MP3.

Digital could be better than analog if the guys with fat wallets wanted to make it so. As it, LP and open reel tape are still the highest quality format for those of us fighting for quality.

Marakanetz comments about ECM strike home. I have several ECM artists on LP and CD, the LP is consistently superior although (for ECM) nearly all their artists are recorded as digital and have been since the 1980's.
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I missed that one. How is that supposed to happen?