Digital wireless radio

I know the Squeezebox Touch is the hip thing (and cheaper less versatile devices like the Myine Ira), but has anyone had experience with a more traditional component-like wireless tuner such as the Grace GDI IRD T200? Close to three C-notes for the Touch when all one intends to use it for is streaming FM broadcasts from around the globe seems like a waste of money. Any insights very welcome.
Airport Express- $99
Many of the recent AVRs and prepros have this facility built in and do not require any additional cost or device. I have been using a Marantz AV7005 which gets streaming radio from the Internet and, also, accesses music files on my PC.

Squeezebox Boom
Let me be more specific: I seek a quality wireless tuner with a more traditional component (rectangular boxy) footprint that fits in with my audio stack, allows storage of favorite radio stations, connects to my line-outs on my integrated and/or pre, doesn't require booting-up a notebook (or other computer-like ancillary device as control center/interface each time I want to listen to global radio feeds through my stereo. I've looked but it appears nothing quality fitting the bill has hit the market yet for under $300 bucks.
Agreed, nothing under $300.
Sangean WFT-1