Digital vs Vinyl: The winner is ??

Guess that settles that!

Thank you for the link.  For a short presentation, this was pretty good.  I agree with the comment that vinyl and digital differences in sound are a small part of the overall sound.  As for the paper--on digital tape vs. analogue tape--that was quite interesting as well.  Of course there was not enough shown about methodology, but, nonetheless, it was interesting.  Preference might have something to do will familiarity and more listeners being familiar with digital recording.  It is sad to note that research has shown that young listeners prefer MP3 processing to high resolution recordings of the same music.

A few years ago, one of the audio magazines, I believe it was The Absolute Sound, published a discussion among a group of sound engineers (I can't remember if they were recording or mastering engineers).  I found it interesting that they all agreed that the feed from a digital recorder is much closer to the sound of the live feed coming off a mixer than the sound of the feed from an analogue recorder.  It was also particularly interesting that all of these engineers said that even though the digital recording sounded more accurate, they actually preferred the sound of the analogue tape recording.
Both have their pros and cons but I think if vinyl is that efficient, then the need for digital will not exist. Digital technology has evolved its way to all areas of our living and it impacted us in many ways. The analog technology is the motivation of this new age. Indeed, we should be thankful with those phases and enjoy what we have now.
I used to think it was close. Or at worst a trade off. But I saw the light. Hialeah!