Digital vs Vinyl: The winner is ??

Guess that settles that!
Interesting. The control group doing the comparisons, the standard deviations were interesting with the sd of those who prefer analog treble quite a bit wider. The important thing here what digital tape machine and what analog tape machine were used? Additionally, some mics work better to capture analog and some work better to capture things digitally due to many factors, not least of which is the mic's frequency response and dynamic capabilities. Were they using the same recording levels on each machine because you actually shouldn't.

Most importantly, they were NOT comparing cd/digital files to vinyl playback, they compared digital tape to analog tape. Not only does this not prove anything, it muddies things. Lastly, music majors....they listen for what they listen for....which is they usually listen for their instrument alone when critically listening.
@ghasley  Good point about what music majors would listen for.  They are so hyper-focused on their instrument that they are listening for individual trees rather than to the whole musical forest.🌲
I agree with a lot of what he has to say but his smugness and self assured, know it all approach blunted the impact of his assertions. The call between digital an analog is getting more difficult for me...but for me there will never have to be a "winner".  I enjoy both and am content to declare it a tie....and happy that I have the options.
I will admit that digital has improved over the years and sounds very good compared to 20 years ago. I also enjoy both.
Having a good set-up for vinyl and digital allows you to enjoy both sonic perspectives.  👂

How about that Curling eh?🥌