Digital Video Essential DVE Disc

Has anyone tried out the DVE DVD for calibration? I just purchased a JVC HD-ILA 61" 1080i rear projection. My only question in stores they look so vibrant and real. At home through HD channels they do look much better than digital but not so lively. Any input is appreciated.

Al -

Can you say "torch mode"? Plasmas and LCDs come out of the box set to that vibrant level in order to look good under the bright lights. Very few owners would choose to keep those settings.

Check the ratings for the calibration DVDs. Some are better or more popular than others. From what I've seen, the AVIA is okay, but the AVIA II is not as well received. Sound&Vision seems to have a fairly positive review, but I haven't seen it.

I've been using Video Essentials for years with great success. Rob is right - those tvs are set to excessive vibrance right out of the box. After calibrating with Video Essentials you'll find that programming takes on a more "film-like" appearance. It may even look blurry at first but once you get used to it you'll never go back.
I suggest you invest first in the DVE disc and use it, then get a qualified ISF technician to finish the job. It will stay calibrated for a very long time. Sometimes there are adjustments that are needed depending on the player used. It is money well spent.
I use the Spyder TV Colorimiter. It attaches to the screen while connected to a PC or laptop and will take readings of the screen and advise you of adjustsments that should be made.
Or something else that might work…at least it did for a dummy like me and it’s much easier than trying to figure out Digital Video Essentials. Go to the AVS Forum website. They have threads that talk about settings for specific TV’s. Find someone with similar lighting conditions and try the setting that they recommend. You might be pleasantly surprised. I know I was.
I finally received a copy of the DVE DVD and the adjustments made were minor and really don't notice a big diffence. I do notice its a bit brighter and picture looks a bit more lively. I guess I had my expectations up very high to expect a vibrant picture display.

One comment which I may take into consideration is begin with the DVE then hire a certified tech to complete the job. Has anyone else experience this problem?

It might be the video signal that it is getting. What is your source material? The best pictures are live sports and Blu-Ray or HD DVD's, which also depend on the production processing or editing.

The source is Time Warner Cable. I did notice the clarity with a low end DVD Sony but on my high end Denon 3910 it is AWESOME clarity. Normal channels only reach at either 720i -720p or 420i or 420p strongest signal is 1080i. Not much that I can do with that. Just don't know how stores look so vibrant on the LCDs.