digital versus analog cables for CD players

I would like to hear peoples experiences with digital versus RCA cables for a mid range audio system. I have two CD players. Cal Audio labls CL-10 and a Meridian 588. I use a Bryaston 4B ST amp, BP-25 preamp, and B&W 802 speakers. I have Harmonic Truthlink II RCA cables on both units. Why? This is just what I have always used. Do digital cables improve sound quality and how do they change it?

Try Acoustic Zen Digital cables. I own two pair and I am very happy.
You don't need a digital cable. Those are to be used only if you are using your digital ouput. You don't seem to be using yours.
You only be changing which DACs you're using. By using the RCA analog cables you are using the internal DAC of the CD Player and sending the analog signal to your Pre-Amp. Using the Digital cable you are sending the digital signal to the external DAC inside your Pre-Amp. Which one sound better, let your ears decide.
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Viggen's right. Truthlinks are great, and what I use on my MD100 tuner to take down the FM birdies just a tiny bit. If you want a bit more top end there are plenty of choices, notably Nordosts, HT Pro-Silways, et al.