Digital upgrade, Why Can't I make a decision?

Everytime I decide to audition a new player I never buy it because it will be obsolete in a month. Also, every player I bring home sounds so similar to wht I already have that I wonder about the significant advances in digital. The only player I have heard that really is a revelation in digital is the PS Audio Perfect Wave. I believe this is a older technology implemented by PS Audio and it does sound fantastic. It blows away any CD player I have ever heard hands down. Now i am thinking, this technology will get better and cheaper if I just wait a few more months. Here I go again. The one constant that seems to be a decent investment is analog. I know I should upgrade my CD player but I am caught up in this choosing thing? Has anyone else waited long periods for this reason? If so, what componenet finally got ya over the hump?
Agree that most players under $5-$7K in general sound pretty much a like with subtle differences. The only stock one box player I have heard that competes well with my modded sony scd-1 on redbook is the audio research reference and that is a $9-$10 K player. I would not buy one because it doesn't do SACD. And spending that much on a digital player right now doesn't seem wise with all the dynamics of hi-rez digital downloads and the sort.
look at MSB TECH I own a platinum DAC II and it can be upgraded to be close to the new DAC iV the DACII is so good you don't need to do any changes
If price is a problem you can look at the earliers series and I have a 10 year old CD Player hook up yo it and it
sounds great its the dac not so much the player its self
The PS Audio Perfect Wave DAC and Transport are some of the newest digital products, not older technology.

Most reports on the new PS Audio stuff has been pretty stellar.
'They' will not let you since planned obsolesce is every body's business model. I would suggest going with the Oppo 83SE. I have heard it and the Sony 5400 and think the Oppo beats everything. With Blu-Ray audio in wings, as the successor to the SACD, you will need and outstanding BR player to cover that base, and the Oppo is the unit to have.
Guys Listen up the Sony 5400 is a solid very good sounding player .
The ONE upgrade that is by far the best is the Terra Firma Lite Bit clock and board upgrade it is like going from a 1 upgrad to a 7 in One shot, Transformationis the only word that would apply .I live on the East coast and had it done in less than a week once it was recieved. About cost
$1650 ,and nothing else to add but the music.
Where do you get the Terra Firma Bit clock upgrade? Thank you.
your hesitation is more to do with buying something and having it be stale in short order thereby wasting your money right? if so then consider a strategy change to more separates instead of whole units. transport to DAC instead of a combo unit. that way if one goes obsolete you will be less stressed about it as you can swap only the "old" unit. still will want to not buy anything on the cusp of obsolete but you can easily do that.
You have made a decision, to do nothing.