Digital upgrade: new disc player or better streamer?

For consideration:  

Contemplating an upgrade in my digital system.  Currently using a Bluesound Node 2i streamer as well as an Oppo 105 for CD's and SACD's.  I have a collection of about 800 CD's as well as about 50 SACD's.  My system use is approximately 25% digital, the rest of the time listening to one of two turntables.  In my experience, really good analog betters very good digital including the high priced units, hence my modest digital investment to this point.

However, I find that I do enjoy streaming, not only for convenience but also to discover new music.

So I've been contemplating either a new streamer, specifically a Lumin T2 or similar, to replace the Node 2i.  Alternatively, a Marantz K1 Ruby to replace the Oppo, allowing me to use the Node 2i into the Ruby DAC.  Both options cost around $4K.

Thoughts or other recommendations?

I agree with anza above.

I'm using a Sony X55ES with an optical digital out to my DirectStream DAC, as well as an Innuos Zen Mk3 server/streamer that feeds the same DAC via USB. I have an Innuos Phoenix reclocker to help further clean up the USB signals from the Zen to the DAC. Playback of WAV files saved on the Zen sound a bit better than either the CD playback on the X55ES or Qobuz streaming through the Zen, although all three routes sound very good. The CD playback might improve somewhat if I were to upgrade the Sony CD player, but I still doubt that it will match the sound of the WAV files saved on the Zen.
Hifi Rose is new to the US, so probably limited number of people here that's heard it.  I've signed on with Mofi Distribution to be a dealer for Hifi Rose.....first units (hopefully) to arrive this month.  They seem to get lots of good reviews overseas.
I'm also a Lumin dealer, so it's going to be very interesting to compare the T2 to the 150.