Digital transmission cables

I am looking to upgrade the digital cable between my Altis Centauri transport and Altis Reference DAC. I currently use a Nordost Silver Shadow. It is very good, but perhaps there is something out there which would be an improvement. I've heard that the Kharma digital cable is excellent, but any other recommendations would be very helpful and much appreciated. Many Thanks.
I'm partial to Stealth, myself. Don
If you are not hung up on price, I would recommend that you give the Mapleshade Double Helix digital IC a try for its natural presentation. If I had a larger budget I would have auditioned one of the IC's from Vantage Audio, but did not wish to waste their time on something that I cannot afford at the present. Both are available on a trial basis.
I use Illuminations Orchid (Balanced) between my CD Transport and DAC really like it a lot - very neutral and extended top and bottom.
The Van Den Hul "The First" makes a very good digital cable. Got a good review in Stereophile. It is an interconnect, but I believe it is available as a single (not a pair) for digital. There is also the VGH MC Silver Digital Cable. I use the LAT Digital cable (about $100).
Margio 5.0 is excellent, if a bit stiff.
xlo limited edition it s the best in my system.also you can try purist dominus digital ,nirvana t2 digital,siltech new g5s digital.
how is kharma digital?price?
the purist audio 'dominus' digital cable is the best i have used in my system..nbs monitor I,synergistic reference,marigo apparition 5.5,and xlo limited edition,as well as silversmith and cardas lightening.
Canare' LV6S with neutrik RCA's. You can make them for less than $20.00!
I have 2 systems with digital separates, including DTI's so at any one time I am running 4 digital cables. This has given me the "opportunity" to experiment with a lot of cables. I have gotten some unusual results and have found that there is no universal cable that works well everywhere. The best advice is try and borrow some different ones or buy with a right of return. I am not familiar with Nordost and do not know what it sounds like. If you want a richer, smoother sound I suggest avoiding silver based cables. If you want a "faster" sound with more air and detail, try a silver cable. If you do not want to spend a lot of money, try the latest version of the Apogee cable. I found it better than the Canare cable mentioned above (you can buy the Canare already terminated for less than $20 at a pro audio shop). My other favorites are the Harmonic Technology (copper link), Madrigal, and even Monster Cable, but none of these may work in your particular gear.