Digital to Analogue Converter for TV to audio system

Unlike my older TV, my present TV (a Sony 4k android) requires a DA Converter.  I solved this problem by using an inexpensive ($14) Prozor D/A converter.  Would it be worthwhile to buy a more expensive D/A converter, considering that the original source (the TV) has limitations for audio quality.  One brand I considered was a Music Hall that has outputs for balanced interconnects that would go into my ARC Ref 5SE pre-amp.  However, would this be a waste of money, in view of the fact that the source is the audio on my TV, which is certainly not audiophile quality?  The inexpensive Prozor actually works well so I would not want to spend the extra money to get a better D/A converter, given the limitations of the audio source--the TV.  I would appreciate any comments or suggestions on this issue.

AUDIOQUEST  BEETLE ..... small and compact and still delivers

Highly recommended .... I paired it with a WIREWORLD glass fibre Toslink cable from the TV to the DAC.

 It also has asynchronous USB input and BluTooth   

It depends on how much you enjoy watching your tv.  It's all in a digital format, so a better DAC will sound better.

I do not really use the tv for regular tv channels.  I use it for blu rays.  For that I have an Oppo connected to my pre-amp with balanced interconnects.  I use the D/A converter for music performances on You Tube, so I want a high quality audio for that purpose.  (I have many Martha Argerich performances on lp and cd, but it is amazing to watch her perform on You Tube.)