Digital to analog switch

I am considering switching to analog after many years of digital. I am wondering how much I need to spend on an analog set up (used) to match a Wadia 581 SE run direct to my amps. In other words I want to just play vinyl and need either a phono amp with volume or two pre-amps. The Wadia is worth about 6k. Thanks guys.
I guess by "phono amp with volume" you mean a preamp with a phono stage built in. And by "two pre-amps" you mean a separate phono stage and line stage (with volume control, switching functions).

I prefer a complete preamp (with a phono stage) to two boxes. That's how all preamps were built 20 years ago.

A separate phono stage is more complex than when this functionality is built into the preamp, due to requiring its own power supply (obviously) and needing extra circuitry to drive the interconnect cable between the two units - compared to when this connection is accomplished with a very short length of fine silver wire in a complete preamp.

And of course, you need an interconnect cable.

But some audiophiles love 2 distinct units.

i'd get a boat load of records first, and i sure wouldn't sell the wadia if i had a lot of cd's.
I did exactly what you are talking about. I sold my Audio Aero Capitole MK2/SE. I was running direct as well. I purchased a Audio Research LS-26 used. I also purchased a Clear Audio Performance table used and a Musical Surroundings Nova Phonomena new. Then came the VPI record cleaning machine(used here on the gon). I have not looked back or regretted my decision. I am listening to music I haven't listened to in years. To me, this system really gets to the heart of what music is supposed to sound like. There are plenty of LP's out there new and used. I listened to what people said about the so called issues with vinyl and took the plunge! I guess what really got me to move over was this---I was spending a lot on money on digital equipment to try and sound like vinyl! I thought that I should give it a try. In college I had a number of turntables so I knew that I would be able to work my way through the set-up process, which ended up being very rewarding and fun. Like everything else in this crazy sport, it all comes down to what YOU hear and how it makes you feel. For me it's been a great adventure and I am listening to more music now then ever before which to me is what it is all about. This is the first time in a long time that I can remember just kicking back and listening to entire albums. Good luck with your decision.

You might consider reading a "review" I posted a couple of weeks ago involving my experience with making a Scout turntable sound as good as I'll ever need for an analog source. Affordable alternatives to VPI's pricey upgrades, with a very pleasing result that just sounds like music to me. I can't seem to provide a link to it, but go to my profile, check forum threads, or look at my Virtual System, and you'll see what I've done. It's all I need, but everyone's needs are different. Making analog sound this good is not a given, but if you enjoy the chase, you will love analog's hands-on involvement, as what you hear is directly related to how much effort and knowledge you have gained in the process. Enjoy!
You can get a used Manley Steelhead, a phono stage with volume control (that also accepts one additional line level input - digital source if you want to keep your Wadia). I think the Steelhead new is $7500 but you can find used on Agon for $4K. Steelhead is a top level phono with much written about it. Ofcourse that may be overkill if you were planning on selling your Wadia to fund your switch to vinyl playback because after buying the Steelhead there won't be anything left to purchase TT/tonearm/cart with :-)There are plenty of threads already that you can read on suggested vinyl playback systems at various price points (<$1K, $2-3K. $5-8K, etc....) and you can meander on to the one that fits your price point and start there. Good luck.