digital to analog converter

i just got a new sony tv with optical audio out.  what should i get to connect it to my surround sound mcintosh mx 130 a/v control center.?
S Video?
Who you crappin’?
The only valid answers you’ll get about what is possible will come from Mac.
Personally I wouldn’t bother.
I hardly ever mess with watching surround sound on my Sony TV’s.
Super Bowl excepted.
Good luck with that.
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Best answer:  Replace it with an HDMI 2 capable processor or AVR and use HDMI/Audio Return Channel.

Cheapest answer:  Get a Topping 2 channel DAC and optical S/PDIF cable.
You’ll need an Toslink optical cable, glass or plastic depending on your budget, and a DAC with an optical input. For output from a TV, a relatively inexpensive DAC should be fine, have a look at models from Schiit and Topping. Then run a pair of R/L analog cables from the DAC to one of the analog inputs on the Mac. On the TV you’ll need to go into the audio section of the settings menu and choose the optical output in place of the TV speakers.