Digital to 5.1 analog converter?


i have a nice 2 channel preamp that has (had) a 5.1 processor added in. The digital part of the preamp died.

I’d like to buy a reasonably priced dac to convert digital to analog so I continue using the preamp via direct input.

This is a bedroom system so I only sometimes use the 5.1- I listen to 2 channel most of the time.

The preamp was around 3k and is great for 2 channel, so I hope to keep it instead of buying a prepro and replacing it.

Thanks in advance for your help,

Kalman Rubinson does a brief comparison of two 5.1 channel dacs in the current issue of Stereophile.  Neither of them qualifies as cheap.
Thanks for the heads up. If I don't find a pretty inexpensive fix, I may just continue to use 2 channel for tv- I have a solid center image thankfully. 

Does your preamp have a HT bypass?  If so you can keep it in the system and add an AVR for multichannel .
Hi, unfortunately the preamp does not have a bypass option. I do have an older Adcom pre pro - I may give it a chance and see how it sounds in 2 channel.

Thanks for the help,

Maybe try an Oppo 103/105 blu ray player? (105 has better audio stages and sound quality, otherwise no difference in features/function). These players have 2 HDMI inputs (one in front and one in back), which means they can, essentially, act as a 5.1 DAC for sources such as TV satellite receivers. Obviously, they are 5.1/7.1 DACs for any bluray/dvd that is played through them.  If your 5.1 listening is low priority and not critical, the $500 Oppo 103 is probably a great solution.
Auxinput- yes I've thought of that in the past, but I'm glad you mentioned it. It's definitely a great option! Don't know how it moved off my radar...