Digital tape-data back up

Now that after a few posts and an article i read where a german chemist said CD-R's will drop out after 2-5 yerars andybody know of a MUSIC system freindly tape system (as opposed to comercial data unit) to archive what I (we) wanted to archiove on CD-R?Chmist says that good tape with proper strorage enviorment (I'd bag tapes with little packs of Silica Gel) can last 30 to 100 years.Know wayyyyy back when (Before DAT I think) know Sony used box which would encode VHS tapes with 16.44 and perhaps some other rates.BTW article said hard drives aren't answer nbecause over use bearing will wear out and lead to same dop outs.Seems like this is a back to the furture situation and like I said in my other post we won't see a solutionm with Blu-Ray or HD CD-R because the dmage hasn't scrwed up buiness data yet and until small buiness owners who thin they can retrive those 7 year old inventories or tax returns the ange won'yt make waves.Audiophiles and consumers well industry delites in obsolecense.It's enough to become a luddite and .... well you get the gist.Just thought somebody might know of a good non DAT tape system simmilar to the old Sony at a reasonable price.