Digital SYstems Wars, Pt. 2 SACd vs DVD-A

Has anyone read the following extremely negative review on feedback would be greatly appreciated...this is way too technical for there any validity to this arguement? thanks...
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thanks for the info on the post, very informative. don't know if you're following this thread anymore. being new to this audiophilism myself, i have been researching this topic with some interest. seems to me that many on this site favor sacd. i must admit though, i have not heard either venue in a top end system, so like others, the jury is still out for me. i came across this thread on the topic:
the post and its follow-up are good reading, a little technical. the dvd-a proponent totally obliterates his sacd counterpart, for whatever that's worth.
and yes, i know, in the end, the music's the thing.
happy reading.