Digital streaming options for my system are confusing

I appreciate your advise in advance as I am more of a old school vinyl/cd guy. I have a McIntosh MAC6700 integrated receiver. It has a DAC but tech in this area is evolving at such a rapid rate that I am confused as the best way to access a high audio quality streaming/digital playback source. I have heard hi end streaming services (Tidal?) are great but my Amp does not have a direct iPhone/iPad connector. What is the best way to go that will keep my system simple and easy for the whole family to access? 
I hear you but seriously. A demo pool for the big retailers could be negotiated with the manufacturers. Basically they should look at it as a value added service. I would lay down my CC # as collateral and know that there could be a waiting period as long as I knew I would get functional equipment with all the basics that I could try side by side and a paid return label. Manufacturers provide gear and the retailers handle logistics and minor costs to ship, market and maintain. They already make 20+ pts just for basic marketing and managing the purchasing process.
Telecer what are you asking for? If you are looking to demo a number of different components that is what your local dealer is for. 

Try to find a dealer that sells whatever units you want to demo and then work out the details. 

If you think that a 20 point margin is enough for a retail business which is low volume with high costs you got another thing coming. 

The reality is that if there was so much money in high end retailing you would see a lot more dealers.

If it wasn't for custom installation business we and many other dealers would not be in business these days. 

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ
You just illustrated the biggest difference in sales philosophy. You make money on your services but lack volume. You offer value-add but don't make your vendors pay for it. Big box retailors offer marketing but little else. Ask more from your vendors but give them value by having your technicians offer demos etc. Make them sale engineers.
I don't have someone like you in my area or I would pay for your value. Unfortunately most of us who don't live near a major city are in the same boat.
As a small business owner, I can safely say that what you are asking for isn't financially feasible. As I posted before, our current society is definitely lacking a moral compass and will often resort to the courts to justify whatever behaviour the feel they are entitled to. 
Why would a small business owner open themselves up to this potential aggravation?
And, why should the vendor shoulder this expense?
The big box retailers have volume, and a large bank account backed by a slew of lawyers. 
The vast majority of high end manufacturers might qualify as 'medium' business owners, not large, and do not have the financial reserves to offer such terms.