Digital streaming options for my system are confusing

I appreciate your advise in advance as I am more of a old school vinyl/cd guy. I have a McIntosh MAC6700 integrated receiver. It has a DAC but tech in this area is evolving at such a rapid rate that I am confused as the best way to access a high audio quality streaming/digital playback source. I have heard hi end streaming services (Tidal?) are great but my Amp does not have a direct iPhone/iPad connector. What is the best way to go that will keep my system simple and easy for the whole family to access? 
Thanks Rohan. That breakdown is a huge help for me. I know everyone is entitled to their own opinion and given where I live I basically have to pick and choose based on online ratings and feedback from people like you. The best sources I have for live demo for stuff as basic as speakers beyond KEF and B&W (no offense because I have owned both brands and they are great) is 5+ hours each way. Other than buying and ultimately selling how else can you compare? Too bad audio doesn't have the 90 return if you don't like it policies like mattress makers, golf club/tennis racquet designers etc. I know this stuff costs a lot less to make but at the same time you would think a try before you buy attitude would be a big feature for someone waffling on a large purchase?? Why don't the Music Directs/Crutchfields of the world have demo gear? I worked in IT for years and you could demo a $100K Bluecoat (for example) hardware appliance if you were in the market. Sorry for the rant... Just a little frustrating.
Hell, even the last house I bought I was allowed to sleep in before I had to commit....
There are quite a few stereo manufacturers who give trial periods for their merchandise. Unfortunately, Bluesound isn't one of them.
And offering demo gear would not be a way to go, given the current moral state of our society.
The OP has many choices at many price points, that is always a good thing. One person mentioned using a Mac mini as a simple solution. I am not knocking any audio setup, but I think it ironic because I moved away from a computer (multi-functional device) because I wanted a device designed, engineered and built as a music server for audio. All the music servers mentioned have great audio, so it may just be your price point. Again I picked Bluesound for the good engineering and customer service at a good price. It fits my needs, I am not one to spend thousands of dollars on a music server. If I wanted to upgrade the DAC, I can do so by adding a much better one like the Ayre Codex.
I hear you but seriously. A demo pool for the big retailers could be negotiated with the manufacturers. Basically they should look at it as a value added service. I would lay down my CC # as collateral and know that there could be a waiting period as long as I knew I would get functional equipment with all the basics that I could try side by side and a paid return label. Manufacturers provide gear and the retailers handle logistics and minor costs to ship, market and maintain. They already make 20+ pts just for basic marketing and managing the purchasing process.