Digital stream to a computer via Toslink or coax

I am a music guy, not a computer guy....need some help...

I am thinking of some major changes to my front end.

I know that USB and ethernet are common ways to connect to a computer.

My question is if you can send a digital audio signal from a transport that has both S/P DIF optical Toslink & S/P DIF coaxial digital outputs to a computer?

Sure - you just need a sound card for the PC that has that interface. Many manufacturers support this interface now. I have used an M-Audio 2496 Audiophile sound card for a few years in a music server - it has coax input and output, as well as analog ins and outs. Very affordable, works great.
It's possible to make the connection you're talking about as Kthomas says but please describe what you're trying to accomplish by doing that. There may be other ways to get there, as well.
Hi Guys:

Thanks for your interest in coaching me through this.

I am running several options through my head.

I recently took delivery of an Olive Opus. I really love having the music stored on the hard drive, playlists, network capability etc.

I also have an interest in trying the Burwen Bobcat software & Daniel Hertz's USB DAC for playback in my listening room.

The Opus cannot stream the audio from its USB ports. However, it does have Toslink & Coax audio outputs.
So, going into a notebook computer from the Opus via Toslink or Coax was one consideration, if a copmputer can import the music via these types of connections.

I have also been re-thinking the whole thing with a completely different hardware configuration, which does not include the Opus.

I have some more research to do on this. Once I make my decision & move forward, I will report back with how things worked out.

By the way, which would you recommend, if I go this route, Toslink or coax?

As much as I love seeing these music servers starting to become mainstream, if you're going to have a PC in the path, you might as well just have the PC be the source, with music server software on it. It's much cheaper than something like the Olive, and they have much more powerful interfaces, IMO.

A music server to a USB DAC should be a great way to go - I haven't bought a USB DAC, but use a music server via coax S/PDIF to my DAC. The Burwen setup sounds really cool, and hopefully will spawn other efforts in the same direction. The only reason I haven't tried it out is that, if my understanding is correct, you have to use it with Windows Media Player. I'm not sure how you'd use it if the Olive was a source, etc. - my understanding is that it is a plug-in for WMP. In any case, as a music server, WMP is just plain terrible, IMO - there are many better choices. I have committed to WMA lossless as a storage format, figuring that you can't go wrong with a Microsoft standard long-term, but WMP is just not a good option.