Digital Source; what would you do?

Hello all, I've been lurking these boards for some time now hoping to improve my audio system from the vast expierience of Audiogon posters. I currently have paradigm s4's amp'd by a bryston 2b sst crossed over at 60-80 hz (depending on material) to a martin logan descent running off a denon 3805 in a surround setup. My main source right now is my computer using a chaintek av710's digital output at 44.1 to the DAC's in my denon receiver.I am under the belief I need to bypass the denon to clean up the sound as I have heard the denon can exibit a hard treble coupled with the metal dome tweeters in my paradigms. And I'm sure most of you know how fatiguiing that could be. Don't get me wrong though I'm not (yet) looking to give up on the paradigms so no bashing my tweets please :) as I find certain discs to sound quite good (Norah Jones, Jack Johnson, Accoustic Alice in Chains, anything accoustical sounds good really. I do like to let it rock a bit though and find listening to Tool it can get a bit edgy quick. As far as my temporary Room accoustics go my apartment living room is far from Ideal with glass patio doors along one side, french den doors in the rear and open to the kitchen and hallway on the left side. I can live with the current HT performace, as my system does nothing terribly objectionable in this regard. I use my computer to upconvert ripped archived DVD's and plan to keep doing that until I get a sony blu-ray player that I am hoping can serve as a sacd/cd player or CD transport. Ok I think I've laid enough back ground on my humble setup and would appreciate any opinions on improving 2 channel performance. I currently like the idea of going with a bryston b100 sst DAC using the HT pass thru and possibly trying bi-amping or selling my 2b. Anyone know if you can bridge the amp section of a B100? My other options of course would be a stand alone DAC, usb or otherwise as well as just a dedicated cd player. Hopefully somone has gone through a similar situation with good results. any opinions would be be greatly appreciated. thanks, Dan

Your post is a bit confusing - you're using the Denon as a pre-amp for your 2-channel listening, feeding Bryston amplification?

Assuming I got that right, I might suggest getting a Tact RCS digital processor. It can help with any room anomolies, and you can apply whatever filter you want, which would allow you to taper the top end easily on recordings you wanted it for. They take a bit to figure out, but they're well worth the effort.
Yes correct, I'm using the denon as a preamp. I will look into the tact but think that would be a last resort. As I believe most of my problem lies in the preamp/source but I've been known to be wrong. I do like to listen to music choice on digital cable and would like to run that through whatever solution I end up with as well. thanks for the idea though kthomas
Sceptre...I've been saying this alot lately, see if you can get an EQ for a trial. It will totally help with your poor room acoustics. I use the Behringer DEQ2496, it is inexpensive and quiet. You'll be able to CRANK tool with no harshness or edge.

This is long get ready!

Dump the bryston and denon... Sorry, without the right speakers they both are gonna be thin and not that balanced, I owned both... Those brands work well with polk speakers using like Soft dome tweeters.. Paradigms are not the right speaker for this. I use a 3805 which never worked perfectly with metal speakers, or ribbons to well. Surround sound it is great! Not the best on music. Although Nuguy makes a point with the EQ, your talking a whole Converting Balanced to RCA connection and back in your system, or using the Behringer as the DAC cause it has one built in, but at that point you already have a 8 band EQ built into each channel on the 3805 already, I can't remember how many bands but it has it.

My 3805 runs music DVD's with Sub and movies with sub just fine, but I have that in a Hometheater seperate of my 2 channel. You CAN use it as a 2 channel preamp with some success, but your gonna need a quite different amp at least in my opinion. Like an Ayre(pretty pricey), An old Forte' like the 4a.. Maybe a Classe', or an Odyssey Strato's, MCINTOSH would totally help... Stay away from Sunfire or anything like that.

I have heard Rotel or B&K could at a cheaper price work, but you gotta test that out these should be easy to find local new for a test drive.

Anything thrown inline with Tubes could really help.

But if you must, your easiest attempt will be get a pair of fairly pricey but still cheaper option Cardas Golden cross interconnects for your amp to preamp. See if you could audtion something local and return and see what happens. I have heard Cardas cables like this help tame some problems in your regard.

Only other option is to attempt a 150.00 DAC-AH from it is KILLER analog sounding and cheap, far better than the dac's in the Denon and way better bass with smooth vocal and midrange. It would fatten up the sound a little I believe, but without a real preamp oppossed to the surround sound receiver it may not give you the best synergy.

By the way I listen to much Chains' and Tool, Just saw Tool live and might see the new AIC at a show, guess what the CD's Unless you are listening to the new 10,000 Days disc will leave a bit to be desired in the recording, they are a bit thin, but the new Tool disc is one of the best recordings ever done on a heavy album, very thick sound and never fatiguing. I don't mess with the discs too much on this cause the Vinyl is superior, I own them all for both bands and on a 25,000 vinyl rig its superior to digital no doubt! Good luck...

Or go headphones, a lot of the thinner discs sound good that way, but not to good for a party obviously, this would be the cheapest fix in your case :).
Thanks for the interest guys.

Matrix- I picked up 10,000 days and I agree it is far better sounding then there other albums, it acutally does not fatige me at all. I was listening to Korns new disc and a few songs off that were creepy 3D on my current setup albiet a bit thin, not much mind you. Good cds do sound good just a hair thin in the mids and (can be) a tad bright. As far as the denon having eq I dont think it helps with my system/room as I prefer to leave it off. I have heard people say that the bryston could be a mismatch but I'm hoping with the right preamp or the right DAC straight to the bryston might yield the improvement im lookining for. I've been looking for a bryston b100 sst DAC on audiogon to audition, one was available not that long ago but I did'nt have the funds at the time. I would also try a seperate DAC, but it would have to be able to run my amp directly ie some sort of volume control, and I've heard doing that can sound thin if not the right system match. Ok one last thing, analogue cables... I have been looking to replace my interconnects as well which truthfully could make more of a difference then I presently think they will. I can't say I have tried any expensive cables and I do not want to voice my system with cables, But I am in need of a quality low capitance 75 ohm cable at a good price. I will look into the Cardas per your advice.
oh btw I agree with dumping the Denon but I can't afford to replace it currenty. what I can afford is a seperate HT passthrough DAC or preamp and stereo cables
Sceptre, Give the Cardas golden cross interconnects a shot if you can, but gotta warn you it looks that 350 used is about what you are looking at! I have read much on these cables and they could really be that good, but no expereance myself, however I do Have cardas from my cartridge on my vinyl rig all the way to the preamp and its the best wire I have heard in this instance, very smooth, very full, and even slightly warm sound, and good deep bass.