Digital source cords

Can any of you offer some insight and observations as to how a dedicated digital source cord may differ from a regular power cord. Also, any recommendations as to a cord that performs well would be recommended (under 300 USD used). Thanks. Dave
I think a dedicated digital source cable looks a lot nicer than a stock power cord.

I like signal cable

Some people may think they are just regular cables that look good, but I think they are really good cables that look great. I am not much of a beleaver in super expensive power cords though. Remember the other side of the outlet is most lickly romex back to the panel so as long as you match the same gage or larger that is going back to the panel you should be all set.

I believe that most digital source cords just have a lower current rating than amplifier power cords. In the past, I've used a Van den Hull hybrid PC (amp cord) on my DAC without a problem. The Van den Hull lists for around $425 but can be found on audiogon for $100-$125. I now use it on my amp and a K-works PC on my DAC. The K-works empowered cord is superb on either the source or amp. In my opinion you will have to spend an insane amount more to get better cords.
What is a digital source cord? Not sure I understand what what the difference is between that and a regular power cord.
Who sells them anyway, never seen one in the stereo shops.
55dok is your K-Works cord upgraded with ERS paper? The K-Works cord is a great value and the next level up is the Foundation Research LC-1.

Happy Listening.
JPS Labs sell a digital AC power cord that got a rave review in Stereophile. Signal Cable has one that appears very popular. The difference from regular power cords? I'm not sure, but I think it probably has something to do with different emphasis in filtering... digital gear is famous for poluting the AC for the rest of the system. These cords may minimize that... but how they do that I don't know.